Follow-up Meetings arising from Study Group Problems

For problems that have generated a significant amount of interest) amongst participants, a follow-up meeting is often held to discuss options for further research. Such meetings are listed below.

2014 Retinal Haemorrhage Follow-Up Meeting
Friday 14th November 2014, University of Manchester
2012 Nanoparticles Follow-up Meeing
Monday 30th January 2012, University of Birmingham
2012 Signalling Pathways Follow-up Meeting
Tuesday 24th January 2012, Imperial College
2012 ASM Growth in Asthma Follow-up Meeting
Wednesday 18th to Thursday 19th January 2012, University of Nottingham
2011 Virus Budding Follow-up Meeting
Tuesday 29th November 2011, Institute for Animal Health
2011 HPPD Initiation Follow-up Meeting
Monday 17th October 2011, Jealott's Hill Int. Research Centre
2011 Placental Growth Follow-up Meeting
Thursday 26th to Friday 27th May 2011, University of Oxford
2011 Wound Healing Follow-up Meeting
Wednesday 6th to Thursday 7th April 2011, Glasgow Caledonian University
2010 Neurons Follow-up Meeting
Monday 10th May 2010, Imperial College
2010 Cardiac Arrhythmias Followup Meeting
Thursday 11th March 2010, Imperial College London
2010 Diabetic Retinopathy Followup Meeting
Thursday 28th January 2010, University of Nottingham
2009 Foot and Mouth Disease Followup Meeting
Wednesday 9th December 2009, Institute for Animal Health, Pirbright
2006 Ion Channels Followup Meeting
Thursday 30th to Friday 31st March 2006, University of Oxford