UK MMSG HPPD Initiation Follow-up Meeting 2011

The meeting took place at Jealott's Hill Int. Research Centre, on Monday 17th October 2011, as part of the UK Mathematics-in-Medicine Study Groups series. This was a follow-up meeting, inspired by the problem HPPD inhibition case study, which was studied at the UK MMSG Reading 2011.

At the meeting, the participants first heard some more background on Syngenta, why they are interested in the problem and what research is currently going on.

Then Joe gave an overview of the work done so far and the open problems. There was a discussion about the role of TAT, especially if it could be responsible for the difference in responses between mice and rats. The model can be tested for its sensitivity to variations in TAT levels. Experimentally there is a data gap for TAT measurements, so modelling would be very useful here.

Finally, an outline of a potential paper was discussed, along with potential follow-up projects. The paper would be a "proof of concept", introducing the model with an initial comparison with the existing data focusing on the mouse/rat differences in tyrosine levels.