Follow-up Activities from Mathematics in Medicine Study Groups

Problems brought to mathematics in Medicine study groups often stimulate ideas and lead to further research and collaborations. The most common types of follow-up activities are listed below.

A peer-reviewed paper or other publication has been written as a result of the study group problem.
Follow-up Meetings
A follow-up meeting has been organised / has taken place.
Funding for Further Work
Funding has been secured for further work / collaboration on the problem.
Student Projects
An MSc project (or similar) additional work is in the process of / has been carried out.

If you have been involved in any follow-up activities that are not already recorded here, then please let us know about them. Having a complete record of the work inspired by MMSG problems is important when it comes to writing reports to funding bodies and when applying for new funding for future meetings. Please send any information to be added to webmaster@(nospam)