UK MMSG Virus Budding Follow-up Meeting 2011

The meeting took place at the Institute for Animal Health, on Tuesday 29th November 2011, as part of the UK Mathematics-in-Medicine Study Groups series. This was a follow-up meeting, inspired by the problem Unraveling the arenavirus budding mechanism, which was studied at the UK MMSG Reading 2011.

A one-day meeting was held to discuss the work carried out at the study group with a view to publishing the results as a paper. We discussed the work we had done and re-considered the validity of the various approximations and the values chosen for the various parameters.

The main issue that was uncovered was that the value we had been using for the dimensionless tension is likely to be too small. With more realistic values, the model does not seem to predict a bud forming with the right surface area. A stiffening of the membrane in the complex-covered region should allow smaller buds to form, and may also be physically reasonable. We therefore plan adjust our model to include this stiffening effect.

Follow-Up Activities

The following publications have been written as a result of this meeting:

Arenavirus Budding Resulting from Viral-Protein-Associated Cell Membrane Curvature
D Schley, RJ Whittaker & BW Neuman (2013)
Journal of the Royal Society Interface 10 (86).