Canadian Math-in-Medicine Study Groups

The objectives of the workshops are four-fold: to introduce mathematicians and modelers to problems arising in medical science; to effectively aid practioners and researcher in medicine exploit current mathematical tools; to train a new generation of mathematicians in problem-solving, and to provide a natural opportunity for long-term research collaborations to develop in an interdisciplinary setting. The format of the workshops will be along the lines of the well-established Study Groups at Oxford. On the first morning of the workshop, researchers in medicine will present technical problems of interest to them. We envision a total of 5 distinct problems. The academics will then divide into teams of 6-8 people, to work on these problems for the next three and a half days. On the final day of the workshop, progress on these problems will be reported, and a report on these activities will be prepared subsequently.


2009 Toronto
Monday 22nd to Friday 26th June 2009, University of Toronto