UK MMSG Cardiac Arrhythmias Followup Meeting 2010

The meeting took place at Imperial College London, on Thursday 11th March 2010, as part of the UK Mathematics-in-Medicine Study Groups series. This was a follow-up meeting, inspired by the problem Mechanisms and localised treatment for complex heart rhythm disturbances, which was studied at the UK MMSG Imperial College 2009.

Meeting Programme

Presentation by Professor Nicholas Peters on the clinical problem and strategies to treat it
Presentation by Adriana Setchi of work done during the Study Group
Discussion amongst the participants on how to extend the work
Presentations by Dr Sehun Chun, Dr Chris Cantwell, Dr Fatma Nouri, Eugene Chang and Dr Rebecca Shipley
Discussions in groups on relevant modelling problems

Professor Nicholas Peters talked about the clinical problem of atrial fibrillation. He made the point that it is currently very difficult to predict sites for ablation using electrogram measurements only, meaning that treatment tends to be very inefficient. Adriana Setchi reviewed the work done during the study group, including analytical solutions of the Eikonal Equation, numerical solutions of the FitzHugh-Nagumo Equation, and calculations of how the speed of propagation of the wave depends on the arrangement of the cells.

Dr Sehun Chun presented his work on solving the FitzHugh--Nagumo Equation, and showed that the wavefront can fail to propagate if the wavefront is forced to be too curved. He also discussed a way of reducing the dimensionality of the problem in the case that there areno splittings of signal paths.

Other presentations on numerical solutions of the equations were given by Dr Chris Cantwell, Dr Fatma Nouri, while Eugene Chang and Dr Rebecca Shipley talked about analytical solutions of related problems. This led to discussions about mathematical models to predict the propagation of the signal from a cell to its neighbour, and the role of gap junctions and ion channels in initiating the process of transmitting the signal between cells.

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