Solid Mechanics


Understanding patterns of retinal haemorrhage
Richard Bonshek (Manchester Royal Eye Hospital, Central Manchester University Hospitals)
Modelling afferent nerve responses to bladder filling
Prof Richard Clayton (Department of Computer Science, University of Sheffield)
Dr Donna Daly (Department of Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield)
Prof David Grundy (Department of Biomedical Science, University of Sheffield)
Mathematical modelling of airway smooth muscle cell proliferation and apoptosis in asthma
Dr Charlotte Billington (Division of Therapeutics & Molecular Medicine, University of Nottingham)
Prof Ian Hall (Therapeutics and Molecular Medicine, University of Nottingham)
Dr Anthony Holmes (NC3Rs)
How do manufactured nanoparticles enter cells?
Prof Kevin Chipman (Biosciences, University of Birmingham)
Prof Jon Preece (Chemistry, University of Birmingham)
Dr Joshua Rappoport (School of Biosciences, University of Birmingham)
Unraveling the arenavirus budding mechanism
Dr Benjamin Neuman (School of Biological Sciences, University of Reading)
Intramantle pressure gradients favoring hydrocephalus development following disruption of integrin-matrix interactions
Dr. Miles Johnston (Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre)
Constitutive models for tumor classification
Dr. Corina Drapaca (Department of Engineering Science & Mechanics, Pennsylvania State University)
Solid–fluid interaction in force and energy transmission in shaken baby syndrome
Dr Donal McNally (Institute of Biomechanics, University of Nottingham)
Measuring intra-disc pressures in the spine from MRI images
Ms Angela Darekar (University of Southampton)
Dr Hamid Rassoulian (Medical Physics Group, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust)
Continuous non-invasive blood-pressure measurements
Dr Tony Birch (Neurological Physics Group, Southampton University Hospitals NHS Trust)
The swollen and sunken optic disc
Mr Alexander Foss (Queen's Medical Centre, University of Nottingham)
Representation of spectrum in the auditory system
Dr Chris Sumner (MRC Institute of Hearing Research, University of Nottingham)
Using micro-nanostructures to deliver genes and drugs to skin for immunotherapeutic applications
Dr Mark Kendall (The PowderJect Centre for Gene and Drug Delivery Research, University of Oxford)
Odontogenic cysts: Comparing the growth of radicular cysts and keratocysts
Dr Gabriel Landini (The School of Dentistry, University of Birmingham)
Curvature of the spine: Hydrostatic pressure as an indicator of scoliosis
Ms Susan Bibby (Physiology Laboratory, University of Oxford)
Dr Jill Urban (Physiology Laboratory, University of Oxford)
Blunt traumatic aortic injury
Dr Mike Neale (Transport Research Laboratory, Crowthorne)


Retinal Haemorrhage Follow-Up Meeting 2014
Nanoparticles Follow-up Meeing 2012
ASM Growth in Asthma Follow-up Meeting 2012
Virus Budding Follow-up Meeting 2011