Student Projects arising from Study Group Problems

The following is a list of student projects known to have arisen out of problems brought to Mathematics in Medicine Study Groups

Mathematical model of a non-invasive blood pressure measurement technique: the Finapres
Final-year undergraduate project, Imperial College, October 2007 to April 2008.
Supervised by JH Siggers.
Fluid flow and analyte diffusion in microfluidic devices
Modelling Project, ECMI Modelling Workshop, August 2008.
Supervised by RJ Whittaker.
Neurotransmitter release in the brain
Modelling problem, VI Modelling Week for the Masters in Mathematical Engineering at Universidad Complutense de Madrid, July 2012.
Supervised by CG Bell.
Reconstruction of Attractors for Blood Pressure Data as a Diagnostic Tool
Undergraduate summer research studentship, University of Surry, July to September 2013.
Supervised by PJ Aston.