Online detection of physiological fetal distress pattern during birth

A problem presented at the US Bio PSW Ohio MBI 2012.

Presented by:
Prof Martin Frasch (Centre de Recherche en Reproduction Animale, CHU Sainte-Justine)
K Cui, M Frasch, Y Louzoun, B Peercy, A Radunskaya, S Wang

Problem Description

The goal is to develop mathematical models allowing online detection of physiological patterns alarming of incipient fetal distress in clinical conditions of labour.

Question 1: Can we create a mathematical model of this phenomenon robust enough to be capable of capturing the onset of the pattern online despite varying EEG/FHR signal characteristics?

Question 2: Can we develop a mathematical model to allow us to (1) identify the FHRV measures that would perform best together to detect the pathophysiological mechanism of incipient acidemia and (2) incorporate such FHRV measures into the model that captures the correlated changes in EEG and FHR?

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