Mathematical modelling of steroid responsiveness in severe asthma and COPD

A problem presented at the UK MMSG NC3Rs Study Group 2013.

Presented by:
Prof Ian Adcock (National Heart and Lung Institute, Imperial College London)
Prof Yike Guo (Department of Computing, Imperial College London)
M Adcock, FQ Camargo, KF Chung, H Croisier, Y Guo, P Ward, X Yang, Z Zaidi

Problem Description

Severe asthma is phenotypically heterogeneous in terms of natural history, inflammatory mediators, airway remodelling and the response to anti-inflammatory corticosteroid treatment. Similarly, there are sub-phenotypes of COPD which have different clinical features and drug responses. The biological pathways underlying each feature do not act independently but undergo extensive crosstalk, thereby resulting in a complex network with variable ranges of redundancy, which preclude the use of simplistic biomarkers to categorize this complex disease state.

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Study Group Report

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