Implants for osteochondral repair using cell printing

A problem presented at the UK MMSG Southampton 2007.

Presented by:
Dr Jos Malda (University Medical Center, University of Utrecht)
O Bagdasar, C Bailey, R Carter, C Catt, L Dyson, R Dyson, L Geris, G Jones, K Landman, J Malda, J Moles, C Please, S Reboux, Z Rong, T Roose, B Sengers, M Shakeel

Problem Description

Cartilage tissue repair procedures currently under development, aim to create a "construct" that can be grown in a bio-reactor and that mimics the real tissue. The construct can consist of a scaffold made of strands of material that are set out into a 3D structure using printing technology.

The Study Group should concentrate on determining practical design criteria for the construct structure and bioreactor design that will ensure that the cells in the construct create a suitable distribution of cartilage.

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Study Group Report

Three groups each looked at a different aspect of the problem:

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Follow-Up Activities

The following publications have been written as a result of this problem:

Design criteria for a printed tissue engineering construct: A mathematical homogenization approach
RJ Shipley, GW Jones, RJ Dyson, BG Sengers, CL Bailey, CJ Catt, CP Please and J Malda (2009)
Journal of Theoretical Biology 259 (3), 489–502.